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The small gestures mean the most. Are you going to make someone smile with these nice Eindhoven memories? 

Tealight Blob
One of the icons of Eindhoven city.
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Tealight Central Station
Build in 1956 and still much appreciated by the people of Eindhoven.
24,95 0% VAT
Tealight Evoluon
Fly me to the moon..
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Tealight Haasje Over
The building "Haasje Over" appears as a shadow on the wall once the candle is on.
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24,95 0% VAT
Tealight Trudo Tower
The Trudo Tower, the green highlight of the city.
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About Miss Eindhoven

Founder Miriam was born and raised in Eindhoven. For years she lived in different cities, in The Netherlands and abroad, but now she is back into the “Brabantse Gezelligheid”! At Miss Eindhoven you find her wall decorations, as well as work from other local designers like Nieki van Diepen, Fabian van der Wielen, Femke de Koninck en Jurgen van Zachten.

How we work

Our aim is to work sustainably, therefore we work with local producers as much as possible. When you order, you have the option to self-collect your product in Nuenen, or we deliver it at your doorstep. Please note: we only deliver in Eindhoven and the surrounding municipalities.  Like to see the product before you buy it? Just give us a call and you are welcome to stop by.

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